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Who we are

In 2000, a number of community leaders and children’s advocates began discussing the need to bring together the individuals and organizations in Marion County that were interested in and provided services to children.

The Marion County Children’s Alliance (MCCA) was created to serve this purpose. Dr. Mike Jordan, a retired Ocala physician, was made the first Executive Director and the group began operating in March 2001.

Initially MCCA’s activities were directed toward better communication among the various children’s service organizations. A number of different techniques and approaches have been used. They included a monthly meeting, a monthly newsletter and an email network. All are ways to share information about upcoming events, agency needs, and jobs opportunity.

It was soon realized that there were issues related to children that were too big to be dealt with by any one organization. These issues required a community wide approach. MCCA has responded by creating workgroups. They are composed of individuals and organizations that desire to work on solutions to address these particular issues. Currently MCCA hosts five workgroups: Family Violence Prevention, Safe Kids, Childhood Nutrition, Fatherhood and CCASA (the county drug coalition). The various activities of each of these can be found elsewhere on this website.

While over the last 16 years the Alliance has grown in many ways, we acknowledge that there is still much to be done and we solicit your support.