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2018 Florida Kids Count Data Book

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2018 KIDS COUNT® Data Book released today  provides the most recent information on child well-being and ranks states on how kids are faring. Florida showed improvement in children living in high-poverty areas, teen births and proficiencies in reading and math, however troubling disparities persist among children of color and those from low-income and immigrant families. There is…
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5 Ways a Busy Parent Can Be There for Your Kids

Being there for your kids can be challenging when work is demanding a lot of your time and energy. On a recent Family First podcast, award-winning comedian and devoted family man Jeff Foxworthy spoke with me about the challenges of juggling a career and a commitment to home. “Life is about choices and consequences,” he observed. And, Jeff…
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Boost Your Child’s Self Worth – Tony Dungy

I am troubled by a society that devalues life directly and insidiously and then markets that idea to our kids through video games, music, movies, and television. This, in turn, contributes to kids not realizing that life should be respected, nurtured, and protected. I am concerned about kids who see themselves as cosmic accidents and…
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How Experienced Runners Can Run a 5K Faster

Run With a Group Running with a group will not only keep you motivated to train, but most people push themselves harder when they train with others. Look for a running group or running store that offers weekly speed training. Want more tips on how to boost your race performance? Check out these articles: 4…
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