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Family Violence Prevention



The goal is to organize community programs and activities that reduce family violence in our community by increasing community involvement and awareness through education.

In an effort to undertake the challenges in addressing the impact of domestic violence in Marion County, the Marion County Children's Alliance, under the Board of Directors, hired a family violence prevention coordinator in 2005 to facilitate the Family Violence Prevention workgroup, which consist of representatives from a variety of social services, non-profit and for- profit agencies and the community members.

Family Violence is defined as abuse among people who live together or who are related by kinship or trust. Examples include child abuse, teen dating violence, domestic violence and elder abuse.

The Alliance works in conjunction with the Marion County Sheriff's Department, the Ocala Police Department, judicial and juvenile justice departments and other organizations in an effort to create a community environment that promotes and supports non-violent, familiar relationships.

The effort includes the following strategic steps:

  • Improving communication among agencies, organizations and individuals involved in
    family violence prevention.
  • Educating all segments of the population on relevant facts of family violence.
  • Improving the delivery of services to the victims of family violence.
  • Establishing benchmarks for participating agencies.
  • Working towards a unified strategy for all agencies.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is about power and control, a crime and a choice made by a person. It is a pattern of controlling behaviors that may include physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Domestic violence occurs in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Even if your partner does not physically harm you, threats of violence may be reinforced by intimidation, blame, denial, threats, isolation and force. If you are a victim of domestic violence it is not your fault. Drugs or alcohol may make the abuse worse, but they are not the cause. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TENDS TO GET WORSE OVER TIME, IT DOES NOT GO AWAY ON IT'S OWN. If you are experiencing domestic violence you should: Talk to a minister or friend, Get help from the local domestic violence center. Practice an escape plan and share it with your children.

Teen Dating Violence

Teen Dating Violence happens when one person uses a pattern of behavior to gain power and control over the other person. Dating Violence is often hidden because teenagers typically are inexperienced with dating relationships, they are pressured by peers to act violently or they may have romantic views of love. The violence is influenced by how teenagers look at themselves and others. Did You Know? - 1 in 4 teenagers will experience violence in dating relationships between the ages of 12 and 21.

Child/Elder Abuse

Child Abuse and Elder Abuse are not limited to any particular group of people, whether it be social, economic, ethnic, religious or cultural. Child Abuse occurs when somebody or a situation threatens the survival, security or the development of a child. Recognize It!, Report It!, Prevent It!


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Second Monday of each month at 11:00 a.m. at the Marion County Sheriff's Office, located at 692 N. W. 30th Ave., Ocala, Florida 34475.


Schedule a Teen Dating Violence and/or Domestic Violence Presentation by calling (352) 438-5993.

email at:


For additional information and downloadable resources please visit the Family Violence Prevention Website: