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Building Better Dads

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What is Building Better Dads?


This initiative is a multi-agency collaboration supported by Kids Central Inc. and Marion County Children’s Alliance. The purpose of this collaboration is to identify and address the needs of fathers and facilitate their involvement in the lives of their children. It is expected that the work of Building Better Dads will strengthen the father and child relationship within our community.


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What is the Vision of Building Better Dads?

It is the vision of Building Better Dads to enable every father to maintain a productive relationship with his children.

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What is the Mission of Building Better Dads?

The mission of this initiative is to promote the importance of fathers’ engagement with their children from birth to adulthood and to work toward building closer and more productive relationships.


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10  Tips on Being an Awesome Dad

1. Respect the child’s mother.                     6. Be a teacher.

2. Spend time with your child.                    7. Read to your child.

3. Listen first. Talk second.                        8. Show affection.

4. Discipline with love.                               9. Eat together.

5. Be a role model.                                    10. Realize a dad’s job is never done! 


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Dad, Please Engage With Me


If you engage with me…. I will do better in school and get better grades,

If you engage with me ….. I will read   better and enjoy it more.

If you engage with me …. I will  be less aggressive and  behave better.

 If you engage with me …. I am less likely to become incarcerated.

If you engage with me …. I am less likely to commit a crime.

If you engage with me …. I am less likely to become sexually active when I am young.

If you engage with me …. I am less likely to become hurt or abused.

If you engage with me …. I am  less likely to become overweight.

If you engage with me …. I am less likely to use drugs.









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Each month, we provide a specific area of fathering to focus on.  Click on a link to discover the tools to Building a Better Dad!

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